Frozen Tamagoyaki (Halal)


Frozen Tamagoyaki (Halal)

Halal Frozen Tamagoyaki Egg Roll

- Japanese Rolled Omelette
- Convenient - Ready To Eat once thawed
- Halal certified

What is Tamagoyaki ? 
Japanese style of egg roll with a slight hint of sweetness, Japanese rolled omelette/Tamagoyaki are usually served as Tamago sushi, side dishes and appetizers in Japanese Restaurants. As one of the leading Tamagoyaki manufacturer, our team selects only the freshest eggs and ingredients to turn it into our very own style of Japanese Tamagoyaki.
Each pcs is frozen immediately, packed, and sealed tightly for maximum freshness and quality. Just simply defrost before serving for an authentic experience of Japanese Tamagoyaki. 

Suitable For:
1) Japanese Restaurants
2) Sushi Restaurants
3) Ramen Shops
4) Convenience Stores
5) Supermarkets
6) Food Kiosks
7) Food Events

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