Sugiyo Royal Carib (ロイヤルカリブ)


Sugiyo Royal Carib (ロイヤルカリブ)

Large size, thick-cut designed(about +/-17g per pc), and bright orange color imitation crab.
Goes well with many kinds of toppings such as mayonnaise, mentai sauce and many more.
The most popular imitation crab among our overseas markets.
Texture is amazingly similar to the original crab meat (0.6mm-thin fiber).

Since Royal Carib’s body is larger and thicker than Kaoribako, it is stable on the sushi rice and looks good when you make sushi.

Menu Suggestion:
Due to its low fat, low calorie and high protein content, the value of imitation crab products is attracting renewed attention. It is highly recommended for nigiri sushi, seafood cocktail, tempura, salads, etc.

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