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Sugiyo Kaoribako IQF (Premium Snow Crab Leg)

Sugiyo Kaoribako IQF (Premium Snow Crab Leg)

Sugiyo's Kaoribako IQF is a premium Japanese Snow Crab Leg (92% pollock fish / cod fish meat).  It DOES NOT contain any preservatives, MSG, articial colourings.  Suitable for using with salad, sushi, rice, ramen, udon, onigiri, bento,appetizers.    read more
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Chuka Wakame / Seasoned Seaweed Salad

Chuka Wakame is a variety of seaweed that is commonly used in Japanese cuisine. It is also known as Seasoned seaweed salad with vinegar and citrus that can be used as appetizer, side dishes, bento, salad ingredients or sushi toppings. Chuka Wakame is also highly preferred by individuals who are vegetarian. We supply Premium quality Chuka Wakame that is Halal Certified. ◆ Do Follow Us On Our Social Media Platforms! Facebook : ◆ Feel Free to Visit our Website for More Information! Website: For further discussions, please contact the following: Email:
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