Sugiyo Kaoribako IQF (Premium Grade Snow Crab Leg)


Sugiyo Kaoribako IQF (Premium Grade Snow Crab Leg)

Sugiyo's Kaoribako is a premium grade Japanese snow crab leg (Contains high percentage of Alaska Pollock, with less than 2% of starch).
This product is the highest grade item among Sugiyo's imitation crab products.
It DOES NOT contain any MSG & artificial colourings. 

The concept for this product is "beyond original crab” and Sugiyo's Kaoribako (Crab flavored seafood) is just as good as the real snow crab. All selling points for this product such as the taste, texture, flavor and coloring are uncompromisingly made by our experts highly qualified team.
The quality of this product, which pursues the taste of real crab, has been highly evaluated and has been awarded the "Emperor's Cup", the highest honor at the 2006 Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Festival in Japan.

Menu Suggestion:
Due to its low fat, low calorie and high protein content, the value of imitation crab products is attracting renewed attention. It is highly recommended for using with salad, sushi, rice, ramen, udon, onigiri, bento,appetizers. 

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